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serie iconico - extraordinary by nature

gocce by davide quartero iconico

Its unique structure and refined materials mean that Davide Quartero's gocce evening bag has to be crafted completely by hand. More than three hundred working hours and up to 3,500 metres of sterling silver thread go into gocce. The thread is handwoven into a fabric of pure silver then carefully twisted and bent into shape, giving gocce its unique teardrop-like design, which will attract everyone's attention. Inside, Davide Quartero's gocce bag also features a small makeup mirror made of Italian crystal glass, mounted on a collapsible frame of sterling silver so that it can be folded away quickly and easily.

teardrop shaped evening bag. silver (925), white gold (750), 390 brown diamonds
length: 180mm; width: 100mm; height: 65mm; net weight: 530 gr., diamonds: 7.95 cts.
In linea con il mio credo - arte senza tempo - io realizza da piĆ¹ di dieci anni i desideri specifici dei suoi clienti, nazionali ed internazionali: senza tempo, colmi di stile e perfettamente artigianali.
Davide Quartero